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BOPET Flexible Film Production Line

Raw Material ---MDO---TDO---Rolling----Slitting----Inspection

BOPET Film Production Features


1.Stretching( MDO--TDO):

The highlight is our Bruckner MDO hot stretch technology for high speeds and output as well as improved optical and mechanical film properties.
  • Proven width & speed for highest productivity
Our technology boasts proven width and speed capabilities, ensuring the highest productivity levels across a range of film types, including chemical coated PET filmtranslucent matte film.
  • Various packaging film types
We offer a diverse range of packaging film types, including PET film, matte film, and release film, each tailored to meet specific packaging needs and preferences.
  • Direct film casting is the perfect option for reduced production costs
When it comes to cost-effective production methods, direct film casting shines as the perfect solution, particularly beneficial for PET film, matte film, and release film, enabling significant reductions in production costs.


Online inspection the thickness of the film at different locations can be measured during the production process to ensure the consistency of the thickness and performance of the finished film.

BOPET Film Production Capability

We have dust free, temperature controlled, well ventilated and non-hazardous environment, the most suitable for manufacturing films. We carry manufacturing facility with top of the Bruckner line amenities, essential facilities, modern instruments, equipments to meet huge demands on time.

Changzhou Zhongheng New Material Co., Ltd. 

It is a "top ten biaxial stretching poly-ester film enterprises" of China Plastics Processing Industry Association




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