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  • CZZH professional BOPET Factory


    Changzhou Zhongheng New Materials is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the field of polymer materials. It integrates product development, production and sales. Relying on its strong R & D strength, the company focuses on the three industries of “electronics, medical treatment and consumption to Read More
  • The development prospects of BOPET


    The company has a provincial engineering technology researchcenter, a provincial enterprise technology center and a small biaxial tensile test line, and has long been committed to the R& D, production and sales ofoptical special polyester film. Read More
  • BOPET classification and application


    Polyester film is a high-grade film made from high-quality fiber-grade polyester chips (viscosity 0.64) as the main raw material, using advanced technological formulas, and undergoing drying, melting, extrusion, casting and stretching.The characteristics of polyester film determine its different use Read More

Changzhou Zhongheng New Material Co., Ltd. 

It is a "top ten biaxial stretching poly-ester film enterprises" of China Plastics Processing Industry Association




  Add: 28 Guihua Road, Zhonglou District, Changzhou,Jiangsu


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